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October, November, and December 2017

Served on black lacquer platters | approximately 72 bite size appetizers $349.00
Create Your Own Party Platter:

Choose one item from each section (vegetable, seafood, meat, and chef's side)



Quinoa & Eggplant Canapé – Crème Fraiche & Fresh Cilantro
Balsamic Stuffed Mushrooms – Fresh Chive & Goat Cheese
Ciliegine & Tomato Skewers – Infused Virgin Olive Oil
Stilton Blue & Beet Salad – Atop Yellow Endive Petals
Shiitake Mushroom & Zucchini Squares – Toasted Tomato Focaccia & Hummus



Tequila Spiked Shrimp – Served with Lime Chipotle Mojo
Smoked Norwegian Salmon – Black Russian Toast Points & Dill Cream-cheese Spread
Sesame Crusted Shrimp – Served with Spicy Orange Dijon Dipping Sauce
Honey Mustard Smoked Salmon Crostini – cucumber & Fresh Dill
Fresh Seafood Salad – Romaine Leaf atop a Crusty Dill Crostini



Espresso Chicken Skewers – Rubbed with Brown Butter Barbeque Sauce
Thai Chicken Petals – set in a Red Chicory Leaf, garnished with a sprig of Cilantro
Coconut Glazed Chicken – Skewered with Cumin Spiced Rub
Barbeque Brisket Mini’s – Set atop a Cheddar Polenta Crostini
Honey & Teriyaki Glazed Beef Skewers – Green Onion Garnish


cambridge1 A

chef's side:
Pita chips
sweet potato chips
Herb Infused Crostini
White Corn Tortilla Chips


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