Cambridge Catering: party displays
(approximately 72 bite size appetizers per display)

el paso: $369.00 each
grilled spicy shrimp
vegetable quesadilla cornucopias (v)
spicy chicken wing skewers
picante salsa, sour cream, guacamole & nacho triangles

italiano: $349.00 each
boconccino-basil-tomato skewers
imported pepperoni & sopresatta
mozzarella in carozza triangles (v)
sharp imported provolone, smoked mozzarella
eggplant caponata, roasted peppers

new orleans: $349.00 each
cajun popcorn shrimp
andouille smoked sausage wraps
sweet potato chips (v)
cheese stuffed jalapenos (v)
creole dipping sauce

chocolate lovers: $279.00 each
dark chocolate strawberries
white chocolate strawberries
pecan clusters
hand dipped dried fruits & chocolate covered truffle finale

vie de france: $349.00 each
imported cheese array
skewered fresh fruit
seasonal berries, apple slices
crackers & sliced french baguettes

southern belle: $349.00 each
shallot-parmesan chicken tenders
corn fritters (v)
boneless bbq pork skewers
celery sticks
bbq dipping sauce & zesty hot sauce
blue cheese dipping sauce

Cambridge Catering Party Baskets

aloha: $369.00 each
jumbo coconut battered shrimp
shoyu chicken sate
teriyaki pork skewers
sugar coated banana chips
south pacific chutney

back to the orient: $389.00 each
peking duck on skewers
vegetable spring rolls (v)
boneless bbq spare ribs skewers
sweet & sour dipping sauce, spicy mustard
crispy noodles & fortune cookies

mediterranean: $399.00 each
french baby lamb chops
red curried shrimp
miniature spanakopita (v)
cucumber chips, flatbreads, pita toasts
hummus dip & eggplant dip

american retro: $349.00 each
mini sirloin burgers
cocktail frank skewers
potato knishes (v)
pizza bites (v)

jalapeño poppers

vegetarian’s choice: $299.00 each
vegetable fritters served with sour cream (v)
garden skewer grilles (v)
miniature rice & gorgonzola spheres (v)
olive oil vegetable chips & white bean herb dip (v)


All Pricing and Availability Subject to Change without Notice! Please Contact Us to Confirm Today's Market Pricing.