Cambridge Catering: breakfast menu

fresh baked options 

morning bakery

freshly baked miniature muffins, danish, bagels, breakfast rolls, cinnamon-buns, butter & filled croissants
$8.95 per person (8-person minimum)

tea time

savory & sweet scones, tea biscuits and filled shortbread miniatures
$8.95 per person (8-person minimum)


old fashion plain, blueberry, raspberry and chocolate
$8.95 per person (8-person minimum)

euro bread

brick oven grain and wheat rolls, bagels and bialys
$7.95 per person (8-person minimum)

french pound cake

vanilla, chocolate, marble and fresh fruit 
$8.95 per person (8-person minimum)

bundt cake

lemon, blueberry and chocolate
$8.95 per person (8-person minimum)


breakfast sides

sectioned sliced fruit
$8.95 per person (8-person minimum)

fresh cut fruit & berries

$7.95 per person (8-person minimum) 
organic parfaits

$8.95 each (6-person minimum | made with gluten free greek yogurt)

classic: mixed berries, homemade granola & honey
strawberries & cream: vanilla infused greek yogurt, toasted seed mix, mint & agave
banana bread: sliced bananas, crushed walnuts & honey
michoacan: mango, shaved coconut, lime zest & pumpkin seeds

chobani & granola

assorted flavors
$7.95 each (6-person minimum)

mix & match options

fresh baked & breakfast side $14.95 (10 person minimum | add $4.00 for juice and coffee )


Breakfast with Cambridge Catering


breakfast beverages

coffee bar

coffee – house blend: $40.00
decaffeinated coffee: $40.00
tea service: $37.50
(all complete with sugars, sweeteners, cups, stirrers, napkins & milk)

juice bar

orange, grapefruit, or apple $28.00 per pitcher (38oz)
carrot, triple-berry, or strawberry-orange-banana $45.00 per pitcher (38oz)

freshly brewed iced tea

traditional tea leaf: $35.00 per pitcher (38oz)
green tea leaf: $45.00 per pitcher (38oz.)


breakfast & then some

smoked alaskan salmon

served with bagels, capers, tomatoes, red onions & cream cheese
$21.95 per person (10-person minimum)

french toast

plain or whole grain served with syrup, butter, powdered sugar & cinnamon
$129.00 per tray (24-slices – 1-tray minimum)

belgium waffles

served with syrup, butter, powdered sugar & cinnamon
$129.00 per tray (24-slices – 1-tray minimum)

breakfast frittata

farm fresh eggs and local market ingredients
$12.95 each (8-person minimum)
tuscan kale, potato, jalapeño, & pecorino
broccoli, roasted tomato, & sharp cheddar
sausage, bell peppers, & asiago

scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries & grain breads / $169.50 serves approximately 10

$269.50 with fruit, coffee & juice



All Pricing and Availability Subject to Change without Notice! Please Contact Us to Confirm Today's Market Pricing.