Cambridge Catering: soups

soup du jour (24-hour notice)
soup served with crackers & rustic rolls
soup tureen $129.00 (serves approximately 15 persons)

*seafood soups are $149.00 per tureen

chickensoup orig


Tomato Rice (v) (gf)

BBQ Sweet Potato (v) BrFotolia 2

occoli & Cheddar (v) (gf)

Chicken Noodle

Chicken Rice (gf)

Country Harvest Vegetable (v) (gf) Maryland Corn & Crabmeat

Parmesan Cream of Broccoli (v)

Pasta Fagioli (v)

Seafood Jambalaya

Vegetable Lentil (v)

Vegetable Minestrone (v)

*seafood soups are $149.00 per tureen