Cambridge Catering: desserts (8p minimum)


cambridge dessert platter
miniature homemade cookies
brownies, dessert bars,
seven-layer petit fours &
chocolate dipped treats
$6.95 each (8 minimum)

euro pastry
assorted individual filled pastries
$7.95 each (8 minimum)

italian cannoli & pastry
authentic Italian cannoli & pastry assortment
$9.95 each (8 minimum)

french assortment
fruit Tarts, cheese mousse cones & chocolate filled pastries
$9.95 each (8 minimum)

butter cookies & biscotti
$9.95 per person (8-person minimum)

french mousse cups
chocolate, vanilla or strawberry
$7.95 each (12 minimum)

chocolate dipped strawberries
freshly dipped locally grown strawberries (white or dark chocolate)
$48.00 per dozen (2 dozen minimum)

combo fruit & dessert platter
$9.95 (8 minimum)

dessert trio $8.95 (8p minimum)
petit fours
french macaroons
cheesecake - cake pops


sundae extravaganza
18.95 per person | 25-person minimum | one week advance notice, please.

chocolate ice cream
strawberry ice cream
vanilla ice cream

accompanied by: maraschino cherries, wet walnuts, whipped cream, caramel syrup,
dark chocolate syrup, crunchy granola, sprinkles, Reese’s Pieces,
chopped peanuts and chocolate crunchies

Cambridge Catering Desserts

cakes 69.00
standard cakes are 10” round and serve approximately 15 persons | 24 to 48 hours notice, please.

*custom cakes made to order for 20 persons or more, please see listing below.

espresso layer
chocolate mousse
banana fudge
mississippi mud
strawberry mousse
cannoli cream 
raspberry chocolate
cappuccino layer
italian cheese cake
strawberry shortcake
new york cheese cake
death by chocolate
chocolate strawberry shortcake
peanut butter cup
red velvet 75.00

custom cake orders:
20-25p – 10” $119.00
25-30p – 12” $149.00
30-40p – 14” $199.00
40-55p – ½ sheet $259.00
55-75p – ¾ sheet $379.00
80-100p – full sheet $479.00

scrumptious pies $69.00
standard pies are 10” round and serve approximately 15 persons, 24 to 48 hours notice, please.

apple pie
pecan pie
pumpkin pie (seasonal)
chocolate cream pie
peach melba pie
key-lime pie
wild berry tart  $79.00
peach pie


All Pricing and Availability Subject to Change without Notice! Please Contact Us to Confirm Today's Market Pricing.