Cambridge Catering: entree salads
$16.95 per person (8-person minimum)

entree salads are served with: grain rolls and fresh grilled pita

black italian quinoa tequila grilled chicken (8-person minimum)
dijon vinaigrette & pine nuts 

fresh turkey & spinach dill yogurt dressing (8-person minimum)
topped with sliced almonds 

club salad blue cheese (8-person minimum)
turkey bacon, romaine, red bliss potato & smoked chicken (8-person minimum)

basil & lemon chicken chick peas (8-person minimum)
roasted peppers & shaved red onion

tuscan tuna cherry tomato halves (8-person minimum)
cannelloni beans & thyme vinaigrette

waldorf salad diced smoked turkey breast (8-person minimum)
apples, pineapple & walnuts

southwestern chicken & pasta (8-person minimum)
diced peppers & sweet roasted onions

thai chicken & wild rice (8-person minimum)
combined with authentic Thai spices and herbs

Cambridge Catering Entree Salads

herbed baby shrimp (8-person minimum)
tossed in fresh lemon vinaigrette with julienne vegetables

tricolor cheese tortellini (8-person minimum)
with slow roasted tomatoes & parmesan vinaigrette

asian grilled chicken (8-person minimum)
with sweet chili sauce & crispy lo mein noodles

cajun baby gulf shrimp (8-person minimum)
over tossed fancy greens, topped with fresh dill

antipasto pasta (8-person minimum)
with imported julienne meats & cheeses

roasted vegetables (8-person minimum)
over micro greens fresh herb infused olive oil


All Pricing and Availability Subject to Change without Notice! Please Contact Us to Confirm Today's Market Pricing.