Cambridge Catering: sandwich menu

sandwich options:

just sandwiches $13.50 each (6 minimum)

complete lunch package: sandwich + side salad + (dessert "OR" fruit)

$23.95 per person (6-person minimum)

executive lunch package: sandwich + side salad + sliced fruit + dessert 

$25.95 per person (6-person minimum)



chef's specialty sandwiches:

#1: fresh cut ham sandwich – smoked gouda, espresso aioli

#2: tuscan grilled chicken sandwich – pesto, grana padana, goat cheese

#3: banh mi smoked turkey sandwich – sriracha aioli, pickled carrots & cilantro

#4: balsamic glazed chicken sandwich – goat cheese, mixed greens, sweet red onion

#5: fresh mozzarella sandwich – balsamic glaze & tomato

#6: chipotle grilled chicken sandwich

#7: maryland crab cake sandwich – arugula, red cabbage & zesty sriracha mayo

#8: prosciutto & fig sandwich

#9: filet mignon sandwich

#10: portobello & asparagus burger (VEGAN) - avocado chimichurri dressing

#11: sautéed spinach, mushrooms, swiss, gorgonzola sandwich

#12: grilled vegetable & chimichurri sandwich

#13: fresh turkey breast sandwich – lemon pommery dressing

#14: crispy eggplant & winter squash sandwich

#15: curried lime egg salad sandwich

#16: curried tuna sandwich

#17: lemon marinated grilled chicken sandwich

#18: strawberry bbq chicken club sandwich

#SOTM: veggie & paneer cheese sandwich


Sandwich Menu at Cambridge Catering



smoked turkey breast – cucumber, tomato & fresh herb mayo

chicken caesar – homemade croutons & romaine lettuce

classic tuna - garden lettuce & tomato

buffalo chicken - green leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, celery & crumbled blue cheese

grilled vegetable – market vegetables & hummus

thai chicken – organic grilled chicken & authentic thai herbs & spices

falafel patty – spinach wrap with cucumber, tomato, babaganoosh, hummus

fresh turkey and mozzarella – basil spread

balsamic chicken wrap



GLUTEN FREE wraps (add 2.00) :

tuna curry

chicken tarragon

thai chicken

buffalo chicken

grilled vegetable

lemon cilantro chicken





fresco panini press:

grilled chicken


BLT (turkey bacon)

fresh turkey


deli style sandwiches

fresh roasted turkey
chicken salad
tuna salad
italian sub
ham & cheeseroast 


All Pricing and Availability Subject to Change without Notice! Please Contact Us to Confirm Today's Market Pricing.