Cambridge Catering: side salads

side salads: $7.95 per person (8-person minimum)

organic greens - dressed
goat cheese, oranges, walnuts, herb balsamic vinaigrette

blueberry quinoa
purple cabbage & green onion

red quinoa & basmati rice
black beans, plum tomato, & fresh cilantro

asian wild rice
fresh peas, celery & sun dried cranberries

house salad
organic micro greens, seedless cucumber, carrots, cherry tomato

spinach leaf salad
baby leaf spinach, fresh mushroom, heirloom tomato wedges

greek salad
leaf lettuce, feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves & fresh oregano

garden salad
trio of lettuce combined with crisp market fresh garden vegetables

classic caesar salad
romaine lead, shaved pecorino cheese, herb croutons

mediterranean pasta
chick peas, tri colored peppers, asparagus & champagne vinaigrette

Cambridge Catering Side Salad Menu

rotini pasta
organic spinach pesto, feta cheese, shaved red onion

penne & broccoli
sautéed broccoli, sweet roasted garlic, infused olive oil

east asian pasta
long noodle pasta, stir fried asian vegetables, sesame dressing

sun dried tomato pasta
imported sun dried tomato, shaved pecorino cheese

roast caesar potato salad
caesar dressing, green onion, freshly grated Romano cheese


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