Cambridge Catering| Custom Party Platter Menu      

January, February, March 2020 party platter menu       
custom party platter: $349.00 (approximately 72-appetizers)
*note: chef will provide appropriate dipping sauces


create your own party platter:                                                                                   

choose one item from each section (vegetable, seafood, meat, and chef's side)



Goat Cheese Cucumber rolls – grape tomato & chives

Portobello -asparagus sliders – green goddess spread (VG)

white pizza eggroll – fresh mozzarella, basil & oregano

stuffed olive & Manchego skewer – infused virgin olive oil
Feta & Dill tartlets – sweet pea crème


Sherried Rosemary Jumbo Shrimp

fish & chip slider – crispy fried potato & dill tartar sauce
sesame crusted shrimp – served with spicy orange dijon dipping sauce
mini seafood fajita – chipotle peppers, jack & cheddar cheeses
Smoked Salmon Canape – Rice Cracker horseradish crème & dill



Teriyaki beef Skewers – fresh grilled pineapple

barbeque chicken wings Skewers – served with blue cheese dipping sauce

turkey burger sliders – sweet caramelized onion, chipotle & smoked gouda

cocktail frank skewers – served with zesty yellow mustard

Pancetta puff pastry tart – asparagus & parmesan crème











chef's side:
white corn tortilla chips

kettle chips

sweet potato chips


All Pricing and Availability Subject to Change without Notice! Please Contact Us to Confirm Today's Market Pricing.